After a Few Months, She Started to Sleep Better

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    “Low thyroid, mono, low B12, anxiety, immune issues, pre-menopausal….you name it, I’ve had it.

    Doctors are happy to tell you what they think is wrong and happy to hand you a prescription. But does it work? What are the SIDE EFFECTS? How long can I safely be on it? I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    I started looking around for my own answers…. Not only that, but I tried SEVERAL things I found online! “Lose weight! More energy! Better mood! Less brain fog!” But nothing I found helped.

    I had been watching a friend of mine for a while on social media and that small voice inside me said …pay attention.

    So when she reached out to me in March, I said yes, I want to hear what you have to say. But I was hesitant, skeptical. I did some research, then decided to try.

    I started with Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer.

    Not only that, but I wish I could say I immediately saw results, I didn’t. However, again that small voice said be patient. So I decided I’d give it a couple of months.

    But it didn’t take that long. After 3 weeks, I woke up one morning after not getting much sleep and was wide awake. Not only was I wide awake, I was happy, not dragging, not dreading the day, awake and happy.

    That had not been the case. It didn’t matter if I got 10 hours of sleep, I always woke up tired. By the end of the week, I called my friend and said, SIGN ME UP.

    If I felt this good, I wanted others to feel the same! Something that is all natural and not bad for me? I not only can stay on it, but absolutely will!

    As the time goes on, the results keep coming. So much energy, much better and level mood. II remember things! I’ve been able to go off the anxiety meds I’ve been on for 4 years, my skin looks so much better, and I’m finally starting to drop weight!

    To say I love these products would be an understatement! But it’s even more than that! I love the company! I love how my team builds each other up, supports and helps each other! It has been one of the most positive experiences! And I’m just getting started! So grateful that I took the chance and said YES!”

    After A Few Months, She Started To Sleep Better
    Renee: After A Few Months, She Started To Sleep Better

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