How Her Daughter With ASD Was Helped

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    Graci’s Beautiful Little Yellow Pill Story shared by her loving mother Kari *ASD * Autism * Sensory *Anxiety

    I wanted to share how nrf2 activation has given my daughter, who is ASD, a better quality of life. Graci was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at 22 months of age. We changed her diet, added in some supplements, started therapies with her and even moved countries for a year to get her into early intervention sooner than what we could over here in AUS. She progressed, but oh life was so challenging. Life felt run around her as she was so regimented with her schedule, extremely high anxiety, she melted down MANY times a day– up to 2 hours at a time, wasn’t adaptable, couldn’t cope well outside the home or with visitors, and had many sensory issues. I could go on and on about the challenges we had, but basically we couldn’t live a “normal” life and go on holidays or out to eat or to the park or grocery store and if we did take on the challenge, it came with massive repercussions. Daily life was so challenging.

    After being introduced to nrf2 activation through a family health crisis, I eventually started her on a small dose of the golden activator. In about 4 months time she had to temporarily stop taking it while she had the flu and the difference in her was SO noticeable! Graci will never go off of this tablet. By decreasing her oxidative stress and increasing her glutathione through nrf2 activation, her life has changed. Her anxiety decreased tremendously, which had a ripple effect into all other areas of her life. She became more social, started playing with her sisters, she became so much more adaptable, attentive and calm. Her meltdowns decreased tremendously and her grades in school increased and have been consistently better since. She is now almost 10 years old, in mainstream school, and she doesn’t even tap into the special ed unit.

    We still have our challenges but on a whole, nrf2 activation has not only changed her life, but it changed our whole family’s life and the quality. We can now live life like a “typical” family, and she will never go off of this golden activator.

    How her daughter with ASD was helped
    Kari: How Her Daughter With ASD Was Helped

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