How My Dog and Me Felt The Healing

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    I am currently working on my story how God introduced me to LifeVantage products and how it saved my life, continuing to save me over the years.

    I am grateful for the results with Protandim Nrf1 & Nrf2.

    Service Dog Saige **RETIRED** @ 10 years old Saige became Deaf & Blind due to oxidative stress, was in Terrible Pain, I was going to have him put down but thanks to Dr. Katie Kangas & Protandim, Saige is 13 years old ***HEALED*** Eye/Hearing Restored, full of energy, happy, healthy. A different Veterinarian said his heart is of a 4-year-old pup.

    Thanks goes to God & LifeVantage. I am currently taking Protandim Dual Synergizer Nrf1 & Nrf2. Dogs can take the Petandim



    How we activate your health with coaching a natural approach

    Yes, … there is a way to naturally repair your body on a cellular level… through activating your body to do what it is supposed to. This is not supplementation, it’s activation! – We don’t claim to cure, treat, or mitigate disease. – The Little Yellow Pill reduces oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days and increases glutathione by approximately 300% in 120 days.* – High oxidative stress and low glutathione are linked to hundreds of issues. – To start your Own Your Family coaching, sign up for a free account.

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