How My Dog Got Well After Suffering With His Stomach

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    The big dog is Mason. He is almost 2 years old. The little one is our newest addition to our family.

    Ever since Mason was young, he has had stomach issues. Every week to 10 days, he would go a couple of days when he would not eat, and you could hear his stomach growling and gurgling. He was just miserable.

    I took him to the vet several times and had tests done, but they found nothing and told us to put him on probiotics and an antacid. However, none of this worked. He was still going through these periods where his stomach was really bothering him. So after I saw some incredible results from LifeVantage products, we put him on Petandim.

    Well, within a month, his stomach issues have faded completely away. He no longer is having any issues whatsoever. His coat is much smoother and shines like never before.

    This is some really cool stuff!

    How my dog got well after suffering with his stomach
    Tricia: How my dog got well after suffering with his stomach

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