How My Life Was Changed and I Stopped My Medication

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    Thank you, Michelle, for your powerful testimony!!!

    Hi There! I wanted to do an UPDATE. So now I’m taking the Nrf1 onto 2nd month now, along with Nrf2 (never stopping) since September 2018. I thought the Nrf2 was amazing enough but since adding the Nrf1, I am able to get up straight out of bed in the morning and feel awake and NO pain, my energy level has improved. So much that I don’t have naps in the afternoon and stay awake and still have energy until late. My brain fog and my thinking is so clear, I’m actually finishing things I start! Thanks for reading, I wish you all lots of Health + Happiness.

    Hello Everyone, Oh where do I start! This has changed my Life! Ok so, I’m an ADHD kid/adult… I’ve suffered from depression, anxiety since 2002. I’ve had 5 surgeries to both left + right wrist, both knees, suffer with osteoarthritis in every bone and joint in my body, 3 discs in back 2 in neck bulging + jammed, (2 car accidents). Furthermore, I need 2 knee replacements, I had Thyroid problems, had Golden Staffe, reoccurring skin infections, low blood sugar levels, Chronic pain where I used to wake up every morning crying, I spent most of my days in bed doing everything from my bedroom as it hurt too much to move, I also had 2 trapped nerves in my back and 1 in my neck, so past 5 years have been challenging! Some of my symptoms were: inflammation, swollen legs, not sleeping, chronic pain in both knees, neck, back (bulging discs, disc degenerative) + both wrists, Anxiety, hair loss, skin breakouts, sebaceous cysts, nail-biting, peeling + breaking, hard thickening of skin hands feet, tired all the time, loss memory, no concentration, moody, no appetite, weight gain, weight loss, headaches, migraines, bowel problems, indigestion, hay fever…

    I don’t know how my partner and kids put up with me. Jazzii Lee Some of the medication I have been on: {not anymore!} Effexor, 300mg pristeq, 300mg Lyrica, Tramadol, IBrufen, Celebrex, Oxy Codine, OXY NORM, Panadol Osteo, Nuelactil, Frusemide, dexamphetamine, carbizamol, beta-blockers, antihistamines Multivitamins, iron + Transfusions, Protein Shakes, Cephlasporins, Penicillin, IV antibiotics, anti-inflammation creams. Steroid Injections into joints, even had a ketamine injection !! This was my last straw! I was in/out of hospital about 20 times in the past couple of years. Nothing was taking the pain away, I felt like I was 80 years old! It was having to use a walking frame when I went to a concert to see #edsherran with my awesome man Kenny Underwood who pushed me around, thank you, darling. I didn’t want to live like this, I wanted to dance, I wanted a better life.

    I started to research alternative ways to heal, and I was led to a post from Vanessa who sent me a video about the little yellow pill and helped me, I started taking it immediately, I thought I’ve got nothing to lose, I had tried everything else! So, 3 months + now I have stopped all prescription medication, I have cancelled the surgery for thyroidectomy, all my blood test results have come back normal!! No More Pain, No Hyperthyroidism, blood sugar levels are normal, my skin is staying clear, I’ve grown my nails for the first time in my life, depression is gone, the anxiety I don’t notice it, I’ve lost 10 kg, iron levels great, every day I am amazed at the improvements to my health, mind + body + soul XXL went to see Andre Rieu in November, and we were on the Balcony, no frame and I walked up and down the stairs! Next year I’m going to see #Philcollins with Kenny and #Eminem with my son Corzza J Couzner. It feels like I’ve been rebooted…

    Much Love

    How my life was changed and I stopped my medication
    Michelle: How My Life Was Changed and I Stopped My Medication

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