How This Family Can Live In Peace After Years Of Allergic Reactions

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    I shared this from another post as I think it’s important how many struggle with ALLERGIES

    A special thank you to Kate for sharing her personal testimonial.

    This is my older son, Marcus. He loves the Little Yellow Pill because he knows what it has done for him, our family, and many of our friends. This is just part of his story.

    Food allergies * Anaphylaxis * Peanuts * Tree Nuts

    When Marcus was about 1.5 years old, he took a small bite of a chocolate covered macadamia nut. His lips began to SWELL. We gave him Benadryl, thinking this would take care of the swelling. Instead, he threw it up. My active little baby then started getting tired, and I could tell he was beginning to have some trouble breathing.

    He was showing signs of ANAPHYLAXIS. We were SO lucky his symptoms developed gradually and not suddenly, like so many others with food allergies. We had time to get an epinephrine injector (Epipen) and some steroids. My eyes still well up and my heart still sinks when I think about what happened that day.

    We had NO IDEA at the time that he was allergic to tree nuts. It turns out, as shown from his blood test, he was allergic to a lot of things: tree nuts, peanuts, dogs, cats, pollen, grass, etc. The list was VERY long. We carried an Epipen everywhere and had multiple sets.

    We became very careful with where we took him to eat if we ate out at any restaurants. Likewise, we would stick to restaurants we were familiar with and were afraid to try new ones. All nuts and peanuts were banned from our house, and sadly we found a new family for our precious dog Puffy.

    Dogs were #1 on his list of allergies and explained why he frequently had a runny nose and red, itchy eyes. We picked a strictly nut-free school for him and did not allow him to have playmates unless we were there, with an Epipen, the entire time.

    This was easy when he was younger, but became much more difficult as he got older. We accepted this as a “normal” part of our life raising him and tried to get him to understand this was going to be his life as well. That’s what we were told by his pediatrician and a number of allergists.

    A few years ago, my husband’s friend from medical school, a doctor (MD) family practitioner who focuses on integrative medicine, contacted us and excitedly told us about the Little Yellow Pill. She was giving it to her family members, having many of her patients on it, and seeing dramatic improvements.

    We had little understanding what this pill did, other than our friend was VERY EXCITED to share it with us, it was made of natural ingredients, and it was really good for us. My husband, though an intelligent and accomplished anesthesiologist was still very SKEPTICAL.

    It sounded too good to be true. How could something made of natural ingredients be so special, so different? How come he didn’t learn about during medical school, internship, or residency training, or his years of medical practice? Why would something so great be sold through this independent distributor business model?

    It would have definitely HELPED if our friend explained there were many peer-reviewed studies on this pill and showed us the ABC Primetime News report. She didn’t.

    HOWEVER, what I DID hear was the PURE EXCITEMENT in our friend’s voice. She talked for about 20 minutes non-stop about this amazing pill. I knew how brilliant she was. I knew where her heart was. I knew she was having her patients take it… so I ordered it for both me and my husband.

    Shortly after starting on this pill, we became completely amazed about our own health improvements (That’s a whole other story). We then sent it to our parents. Both my parents and in-laws have incredible testimonies as well (yet, another story). We were excited about the INCREDIBLE Little Yellow Pill, yet just learning about its mechanism of action. My husband, being a doctor and I, with a Master’s Degree in Cellular Physiology, did a bunch of reading over the next few months.

    As we discovered more and more about Nrf2 activation and the PEER-REVIEWED research (funded by the NIH, the American Heart Association, the Department of Defense, etc.) that proved it did what it did, we began telling EVERYONE around us about it.

    But it didn’t occur to us at the time to give it to Marcus… A while after we got started on the Nrf2 activator, I met a woman named Allyson at an informational meeting. Allyson shared with me the story of her 15-year-old daughter. Allyson’s daughter, like my son, was allergic to many things, but her reaction was 100 times worse. Peanuts were literally LIFE-THREATENING to her. She could not be anywhere near any peanuts. She could not even have a sniff without having an anaphylactic reaction.

    They had, on multiple occasions, had to use the Epipen to save her life. Allyson told me that she was having her daughter take the little yellow pill, also without knowing what lowering oxidative stress with the Little Yellow Pill could do for her, other than help her be healthier.

    She explained to me, a few months after their daughter started taking the Nrf2 pill, they had to travel. During their travels, a stranger opened up a bag of peanuts RIGHT NEXT to Allyson’s daughter.However, her daughter did NOT have any reaction. It was then, they KNEW that something incredible was going on inside her with that LITTLE YELLOW PILL and understood how no other pill could compare to this one!

    Marcus started with 1/2 Nrf2 pill daily and eventually moved up to 1 full pill. Needless to say, Nrf2 activation has most definitely improved his quality of life. I cannot say it cures, treats or mitigates disease, but it has given our family a great amount of freedom and peace of mind.

    My son is still allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, and he stays away from them. However, his lips don’t swell up each time we try a new restaurant. In fact, he barely if ever has a negative reaction to food anymore. In addition, he has NOT had any anaphylactic reaction since that one time.

    We have nuts in the house. We eat at many restaurants including Chinese and Thai restaurants where tree nut and peanut contamination is prevalent. Furthermore, we still carry the epinephrine autoinjector as a precaution, BUT we don’t live in FEAR anymore that his life is at risk every time he leaves the house: when we take him out to eat, when we travel, when he is at school, or when he goes to someone else’s home.

    It has opened his world up, a world we were afraid to have him be a part of. That is a huge BLESSING.

    This is just part of Marcus’ story, but this small part has given him and our family, better quality of life. I am so GRATEFUL our friend shared this with us. I am so HAPPY we were curious and open enough to discover for ourselves how awesome nutrigenomic activation really is. It has improved our lives in so many ways, I cannot even begin to count, including the opportunity to share these incredible activating products with others and to be a part of their lives changing for the better.

    How this family can live in peace after years of allergic reactions
    Kate: How this family can live in peace after years of allergic reactions

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