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Start an Online Business and Work From Home.

When you join Own Your Family, you will get all of the tools you need to start a business. You will access our powerful coaching system and follow our step-by-step instructions. Your business will be up and running in no time. Work from home and make money by building your own online business. Own Your Family is a 100% online business. You don't need any experience to work with us.


When you join the Own Your Life coaching, you will join a community of people who are ready to change their lives forever. You can learn how to earn more money, enjoy your work, and have more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.


Own Your Life helps you to own your time. We provide you with the information and tools to help you make better decisions. We want to help people live a more fulfilling life, freeing them from the constraints that society puts on them - a better work-life balance and financial freedom.


Own Your Family is a digital health coaching program that helps you live healthier and longer. It is built on the principles of nutrigenomics which is the study of how nutrients affect gene expression in order to improve your health, with special emphasis on optimizing the human lifespan.


Wealth is your key to financial freedom. Leave the rat race, own your time and earn recurring commissions. Improve your wealth. Stop exchanging your time for money. Use the power of a leveraged income. Own Your Family is a simple and powerful online coaching system that give you a full online business.

This Is Why

We Should Work Together

  • Online Business

    As a Own Your Family coach, you will have your own online business.

  • Coaching System

    Our coaching system is designed to make your business work for you.

  • International

    Coach customers in 25+ countries. Get a global reach from home.

  • Science Based

    As a global leader in Nutrigenomica and Biohacking, do we work with patented products who are scientific formulated with the highest standards.

  • Time Freedom

    Spend more time coaching with our leveraged sales system.

  • Reliable Partner

    Partner with our team and work with a NASDAQ listed company, 'LFVN'.

Why Own Your Family

6 Key Components That Made Us Pro

Based on the book written by Peter Drucker.

#1. A reputable & publicly-traded company in NASDAQ - LFVN

#2. A consumable product without competition - 9 Patents in 28 peer reviews.

#3. A company that participates in a billion-dollar trends and market.

#4. The best training system, developed by experience leaders. (Check it out with your free membership)

#5. A compensation plan that pays while you sleep.

#6. Timing is everything joining the company at the right time for explosive growth.

The global biohacking market was valued at approximately US $12.1 billion as of 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20.4%, reaching about US $54 billion by 2027. By VCBAY

The global nutrigenomics market is expected to reach US $17,313.5 million by 2023.  By MarketResearchFuture

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