LifeVantage Evolve | Consultant Path Overview

As a Life Vantage consultant, you’re embarking on a journey to build your own business. The Evolve Compensation Plan will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you know what to do to achieve success. Your earnings will grow in proportion to your skills, confidence, and leadership abilities.

The plan is built on selling products and inspiring others to do the same. While it’s not always easy, there’s potential for those willing to learn and bring passion, dedication, and determination. This video will walk you through the consultant path and key terms you’ll need to know as you progress through the three stages.

There are 15 possible ranks to achieve, and your pay-dice rank is the most important factor, changing monthly based on your activity. All potential earnings are based on either the price you sell products for or their sales volume. To participate, you must be active, meaning you’ve met the 150SV requirement from customer sales or personal purchases. No personal purchases are required, and the sales volume requirement combines Sales Volume from all of your customers’ orders with any of your own.

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