Biohack University Part 2 Nutrigenomics The Future Is Now

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There are enormous efforts by research and pharmaceutical companies large and small searching for cures for mankind’s most fearful diseases. Diseases are often symptomatic of oxidative stress or aging.

Nutrigenomics takes a different approach by fighting the root causes of aging itself. This lesson gives us a glimpse of where we’re headed with Nutrigenomics.


Biohack university part 2

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Take a deep breath, hold it now gently exhale. Ironically, while oxygen is necessary for all human life. It is also the element that is at the root of the aging process. That’s because oxidative stress, which is a toxic level of reactive oxygen in your cells is one of the primary causes of cell damage and the adverse effects of aging. It’s almost as if your cells were slowly rusting from the inside. There’s no stopping the process, but as with rust, there are ways to slow it down, to inhibit the aging process and even reverse oxidative stress.

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It’s called nutrigenomics, the science of using nutrition and naturally occurring compounds to affect gene behavior and attack the root causes of aging. Another root cause of aging is the depletion of mitochondria in your cells. As you age mitochondria that are the powerhouses or engines of your cells, nutrigenomics delivers a one, two punch that creates stronger cells that are better equipped to fight the effects of aging. By using the NRF two pathway to help the body produce more antioxidants and using the NRF one pathway to boost mitochondrial production, which inhibits the aging process and increases the energy level in yourselves. Aging is inevitable. The rust comes back. The engine loses some power, but now we don’t have to take aging lying down life vantages study of nutrigenomics fights, the root causes of aging to help people look and feel younger, naturally life vantage at the forefront of nutrigenomics.

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So after watching that video, I hope you understand a little bit more about nutrigenomics and where live vantage is going with nutrigenomics. But what I want you to understand is the gravity of how big this is that we’re talking about on the cover of time magazine. It says, can Google solve death? What in the world does the company Google have with life extension? Right. Well, here’s a few more. If you look on the other side of it, you see the, the economist talking about cheating death or discover magazine, the science of aging does DNA hold the secrets to our longevity and then national geographic, the DNA revolution. Well, it tells you that science now knows that we need to be looking at our DNA and that we truly can change this gene expression. But what’s really interesting is that the companies like Google want a part of it because they see big dollars about to come their way.

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So believe it or not, Google actually partnered with both apple and Intuit into it. They run turbo tax QuickBooks, things like that. They use for accounting. They all partnered and they’ve invested billions of dollars into a company called CACO labs. And the objective of this is actually to see if they can formulate or develop a synthetic antiaging drug. Isn’t that crazy nuts. So we wanna see is, is there really an answer to their quest, right? They know where nutrigenomics is going and what they’ve been seeing. It could be possible, and they wanna see if they can take a part of this industry as well.

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